25 Kasım 2014 Salı

Financial Times Açığa Satışı Savunuyor

22-23 Kasım 2014 tarihli Financial Times Hafta Sonu sayısında açığa satış savunuluyor.
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Legal (?!) short-selling creating liquidity

Short-selling of equities is a form of legal Ponzi Scheme. Andy Kessler (WSJ-E, 27-29 March 2009) explains: "In an typical bear raid, traders short a target stock - i.e., borrow shares and then sell them, hoping to cover or replace them at a cheaper price. Once short, traders then spread bad news, amplify it, even make it up if they have to, to get a stock to drop so they can cover their short."

Legal short-selling leading to illegitimate action in a world where Bank of England officials are being investigated for possible wrong behavior in auctions.


M. Atilla Öner
Yeditepe university, Istanbul, Turkey

8 Kasım 2014 Cumartesi

Tutumluluk Hakkında Çin Atasözleri

25/26 Ekim 2014 Financial Times

Diligence is cash cow and thrift is a gold mine.

Going to bed early to save candles is not economical if the results is twins.

To change from a thrifty lifestyle to one of luxury is easy, to shift from luxury back to thrift is hard.

McDonald's Çalışanlarına Kamu Desteği

25/26 Ekim 2014 tarihli Financial Times gazetesi haberine göre 700.000 McDonald's çalışanı ABD'de yılda 1,2 milyar $ kamu yardımı alıyormuş? Halka açık şirkete kamu desteği kapitalizmin merkez ülkesinde....